Benefits to you:

You can advertise our Cover letter Builder into your job search and job application
process using our API technology.

  • Generate a new, large source of career- related consumer revenue

  • Obtain higher resume acquisition rates

  • Give your users an outstanding customer experience that builds your brand equity

  • Generate higher quality cover letters for your employers

Key Benefits to User

Resume-Check instantly checks and scores resumes in 20 key areas, so users can catch and correct critical mistakes before potential employers do. These areas include:

  • Writing analysis

    Are you selling yourself effectively?
  • Verbs

    How impactful is your word choice?
  • Fonts

    Is your resume easy to read?
  • Organization

    Is your resume easy to follow?
  • Sections

    Are you communicating properly?
  • Spelling

    One spelling mistake and your resume goes in the trash!
  • Resume Length

    Too long or too short?
  • Grammer

    Are you using proper English?

Additional Benefits

  • Career Portals - Advertise our high converting free trial offer on your site.
  • Staffing Firms - Increase your cover letter collection rates and reduce recruiter time spent writing cover letters.
  • Employers - Collect more cover letters by offering passive job seekers a means of creating a cover letter to apply for your positions.
  • Applicant Tracking Systems - Improve your cover letter collection and get better structured data.
  • Resume Writers - Up-sell our software to your customers and give them an online home to maintain their cover letters. Or, take lost leads for your service and offer these job seekers a less expensive alternative.
  • Education Portals -Diversify your lead generation with a non-competitive offer.
  • Schools - Assist your students and career placement professionals in producing resumes for a student / alumni job searches.

How can I use Resume Builder?


On site, in job alerts, stand alone emails, video overlays, or any other way you can think of. We allow social media, search, display, PPV/contextual, text/intext, email, and mobile traffic.

Language Ready

LiveCareer offers its Cover Letter Builder in the following languages:

English (UK and US)

We're always adding more languages, so check with us if you've got traffic of a different type.


This requires a team with development resources. We offer an iFrame as well as a swf file for simple integration.


For more information contact:

Abby Golebeiwski