Benefits to you:

You can advertise our Cover letter Builder into your job search and job application
process using our API technology.

  • Generate a new, large source of career- related consumer revenue

  • Obtain higher resume acquisition rates

  • Give your users an outstanding customer experience that builds your brand equity

  • Generate higher quality cover letters for your employers

Key Benefits to User

Any web site or service that caters to career seekers can generate additional revenue
and benefit by leveraging our Cover letter Builder.

  • Extremely easy-to-use Rich Internet Application
  • Walks people through the resume creation process step-by-step
  • One-click resume designs and automatic formatting
  • Generates beautifully formatted Word, PDF, text, and outline versions of resumes
  • Hundreds of cover letter templates for all jobs and industries.
  • 1000s of pre-written text examples take the hassle out of cover letter writing
  • Allows users to update an existing resume, or create a new resume from scratch
  • Career Portals - Advertise our high converting free trial offer on your site.
  • Staffing Firms - Increase your cover letter collection rates and reduce recruiter time spent writing cover letters.
  • Employers - Collect more cover letters by offering passive job seekers a means of creating a cover letter to apply for your positions.
  • Applicant Tracking Systems - Improve your cover letter collection and get better structured data.
  • Cover letter Writers - Up-sell our software to your customers and give them an online home to maintain their cover letters. Or, take lost leads for your service and offer these job seekers a less expensive alternative.
  • Education Portals -Diversify your lead generation with a non-competitive offer.
  • Schools - Assist your students and career placement professionals in producing resumes for a student / alumni job searches.

How can I use Resume Builder?


On site, in job alerts, stand alone emails, video overlays, or any other way you can think of. We allow social media, search, display, PPV/contextual, text/intext, email, and mobile traffic.

Language Ready

LiveCareer offers its Cover Letter Builder in the following languages:

English (UK and US)

We're always adding more languages, so check with us if you've got traffic of a different type.


This requires a team with development resources. We offer an iFrame as well as a swf file for simple integration.


For more information contact:

Abby Golebeiwski