Resume Services

LiveCareer offers professional resume and cover letter writing services for job-seekers at every level: entry level, professional, and executive. We also offer our Resume Review, a personalized section-by-section resume critique from a resume expert.

These services can be advertised various ways on your site, and we offer top of market payment based on a revenue share or cost per lead basis.

We know how to effectively prove your user's value and future performance by taking into account:

  • Current job market trends and growth factors
  • Key qualifications for their target position
  • Local national employment openings
  • Their unique value proposition

Career Interest Test

The Career Interest Test is a scientifically-validated assessment tool that measures users’ interests across a wide variety of career areas. Taking the Career Interest Test can help ensure that users are on the right career path.

Who takes the Career Interest Test?

Anyone interested in learning about themselves and their career interests can take the Career Interest Test. It is especially useful for:

We know how to effectively prove your user’s value and future performance by taking into account:

  • Early retirees who are thinking about going back to work
  • Adults interested in going back to school
  • Students planning their university or post-secondary major degree
  • Anyone wanting to explore alternate career options

Career Satisfaction Test

More than half of all workers are dissatisfied with their jobs. Since career satisfaction is the #1 predictor of life satisfaction, it is more important than ever for people to take control of their careers and figure out what’s missing.

The career satisfaction test helps people uncover the source of their dissatisfaction. It measures 19 different job areas including Salary, Work Life Balance and Advancement. Their comprehensive 19-page report will help them to achieve career satisfaction and fulfillment.

Anyone can benefit from taking the Career Satisfaction Test. It is especially useful for people who:

  • Are burnt out or dissatisfied with their current job
  • Are considering changing jobs or careers
  • Want to find work that better meets their needs
  • Feel that something’s missing in their career

Resume Guide

It takes 10 seconds for a hiring manager to scan a resume and decide if the applicant is worth interviewing. The free Resume Guide evaluates whether a user’s resume passes the 10 second scan and provides personalized advice about how to create a job-winning resume.

The Resume Guide measures each users’ resume based on 7 essential areas including Language and Grammar, Layout and Organization and Customization. With their own Free, Personalized Resume Guide, users will have all the necessary tools to write an effective resume

Almost anyone can benefit from using their personalized Resume Guide. It is especially useful for:

  • Job seekers who want more interviews and better resume results
  • Job applicants who lack experience, have gaps in their experience or who aren’t sure which resume format is best for them
  • Career changers who want to remarket their skills and experience for a different industry
  • People returning to the workforce after an extended absence

Free Education Test

Going back to school can be great way for people to update their skills, or prepare for a career change. Now, when the job market is slow, is the time to go to school to update your skills or make a career change.

What is the Free Education Test?

This test is designed to help users evaluate if going back to school is right for them. The test measures the top 7 reasons for going to school, from making more money to greater job opportunities.

Studies show that going back to school can help them:

  • Make more money
  • Increase their career options
  • Get the skills they need to get a job
  • Transition into a new job or industry

Start a Business Test

The Free Start a Business Test measures users’ entrepreneurial potential based on 16 different criteria including Ambition, Leadership, Creativity and Risk Tolerance.

Users will receive their free 20-page personalized Start a Business Report demonstrating how to use the skills and abilities they already have to start their own successful business.

Who takes the Start a Business Test?

The Start a Business test appeals to anyone who has dreamed about being their own boss. It is especially attractive to people who want to:

  • Earn extra income
  • Gain financial independence
  • Manage their own time
  • Work from home

How can I use Resume Builder?


On site, in job alerts, stand alone emails, video overlays, or any other way you can think of. We allow social media, search, display, PPV/contextual, text/intext, email, and mobile traffic.

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LiveCareer offers its Cover Letter Builder in the following languages:

English (UK and US)

We're always adding more languages, so check with us if you've got traffic of a different type.


This requires a team with development resources. We offer an iFrame as well as a swf file for simple integration.


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